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Certified Choice Theory/Reality Therapy (CT/RT) Counselors and Coaches are all licensed or certified therapists and/or certified coaches who practice counseling and/or coaching independently in their state or province and are not supervised or monitored by anyone at The William Glasser Institute - US (WGI-US). These counselors and coaches have paid an administrative fee to become a member of the CT/RT Referral Network.

Despite the rigorous training that Certified CT/RT counselors receive from The William Glasser Institute - US, the Institute cannot warrant or guarantee the competence or effectiveness of any Certified CT/RT Counselor or Coach listed on this website. Using this service to find a counselor or coach is voluntary. As a result, WGI-US is not liable or responsible for the actions or omissions of any counselor or coach who is a member of the CT/RT Referral Network. In no event will WGI-US be held liable for damages to any user of this site for the voluntary selection of a counselor or coach, for the services provided by any person listed, or for any other damages that may occur. WGI-US cannot and does not provide any warranties related to the information contained in or resulting services from a counselor or coach listed on the WGI-US website.

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