Become a Member

Become a Member

This portion of the website is for people who want to become a dues paying member and is made up of two sections.

The Not Yet CTRTC section is for those individuals who have taken Basic or Advanced Institute Training and are not yet Choice Theory/Reality Therapy Certified. The Newsletter as well as The International Journal of Choice Theory and Reality Therapy are two of the benefits of Associate Membership. The Newsletter is archived here.

The Faculty and CTRTC section contains the following administrative materials: 1) Forms used by sponsors of Intensive Training in North America and Outside North America, 2) Sample Templates for Brochures for Intensive Training, 3) The Programs, Policies, and procedures Manual of The Institute, 4) the Current Directory and 5) The Institute Newsletter.

The Facilitator Membership (TCOYL) Choice Theory & Reality Therapy Certified who have done training as an Accredited Facilitator in programs like Take Charge of Your Life. This membership level is intended for those who are recognized as Facilitators for the new Take Charge of Your Life course. Registrants for facilitator membership must be qualified WGI facilitators.

We also offer a Student Membership for those who are in school full time and wish to become a member of The William Glasser Institute.

Benefits of Membership:

1. Access to The Institute's Newsletter, which contains up to the minute news and informative articles written by people using the concepts of Choice Theory, Reality Therapy, Lead Management and Quality Schools.

2. Access to The International Journal of Choice Theory and Reality Therapy.

3. The ability to submit online courses for sale to the general public and access to an online marketing course and technological modules.

4. The ability to compose blog entries for The William Glasser Institute and link to your own website.

5. Access to a mastermind think tank with others who are utilizing CT/RT/LM/QS.

6. Complimentary membership in skill-building, best practices groups for counselors, administrators and educators.

7. The ability to send an email announcing a Choice Theory related event or a product through WGI-US to the WGI-US list.

Download Become a Member flyer.

To become a member or to renew your membership, it is necessary that you:

1. Make membership payment. Dues are $15.00 (if a full time student), $35.00 for a retiree, $50.00 if you are not yet certified, $75.00 if you are certified but not faculty, &85.00 for facilitator and $100 for practicum supervisors and instructors. You may use our online payment option for your dues payment (the membership form must be submitted even if paying online- simply indicate online payment made on the payment portion of the form).

2. Complete the appropriate Membership Form. (to be downloaded only if you choose NOT to pay online)

If you pay online, it is not necessary to download the Membership Form. You will be directed to a membership form that can be completed online upon completion of your payment. Once the form is completed you will receive an email copy for your records.

We are asking that if at all possible, this year please pay your dues online. When you do this, you will receive an  email with the WGI-US user name and password for access to and there will also be instructions on re-newing your membership at WGI. Please watch for those . . . they are generated almost immediately upon payment but sometimes go into your spam or junk folders. When you do not pay online, this automated process is not activated and you may not get the proper access at both sites.

Only pay dues here if you want to be a member of WGI-US AND WGI (William Glasser International) For those living outside the United States please pay your dues to WGI at

Fulltime Students Membership $15.00  
Retiree Membership
(not teaching CT)
Facilitator Membership (TCOYL) $85.00  
Associate Membership
(not yet certified)


Full Membership
(certified but not faculty)
Faculty Membership (practicum supervisors and instructors) $100.00  

Organizational Memberships

Organization membership available to organizations/schools who declare their intention to become a Glasser Quality Organization. This category was created to allow for multiple members of an organization to become members of WGI-US at a reduced cost.

1-4 Memberships $100.00
5-10 Memberships $300.00
11-20 Memberships $400.00
21-30 Memberships $500.00
Over 30 Memberships



Organizational Membership Form

If you have any questions about membership please contact us.