Kim OlverKim Olver in her role as Executive Director of WGI-US, consults with the Legal Board, the Executive Committee, faculty members, the and the general membership; helps to organize Certification Weeks and Faculty Training which is sponsored by the Regions; and is in charge of the US newsletter. In her role, she is responsible for: facilitating communication between all parties, monitoring the WGI-US website, helping to achieve resolution in matters involving exceptions to policies, exploring new ways of using present day technology, seeking the involvement of creative others to handle specific tasks in the process, and sending out regular communications regarding WGI-US developments.

Kim has a Master's Degree in Community Counseling, is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and a Board Certified Coach. She is the author of two books: Secrets of Happy Couples and Leveraging Diversity at Work. Kim is a Senior Faculty Member who has taught over one hundred Basic Trainings since 1999, and has facilitated several practica, Advanced Trainings, Certification and Faculty Programs. She has also mentored several people through the faculty programs of The William Glasser Institute.

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Denise DaubDenise Daub is the webmaster and IT manager for WGI-US. In her role, Denise is responsible for managing the WGI-US website, handling the shopping cart system, implementing electronic communications, and managing any IT issues.

Denise can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.








Gloria CisseGloria Smith Cissé, LMSW, LPC, CTRTC, TF-CBT Certified Therapist serves as Chair of the Diversity Council. Gloria, is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Master Social Worker, TF-CBT Certified therapist and Certified Choice Theory Reality Therapy practitioner in Macon, Georgia. Ms. Cissé, completed a Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling at Fort Valley State University and a Master of Social Work at The University of Georgia. She is in private practice with The Southern Center for Choice Theory, LLC. She is also a part-time faculty member at Fort Valley State University. She is a clinical member of the Association for Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA) and has been engaged in sexual offender assessment and treatment or more than 13 years. Gloria Smith Cissé is a basic instructor and Chair representative for the William Glasser Institute. She is the Georgia representative for the Southeast region WGI; she has more than 80 hours of play therapy training and has completed the 40 hour leadership and diversity training offered by the National Coalition Building Institute. Ms. Cissé has co-authored several articles using Reality Therapy as well as co-authored a book, "Contemporary Issues in Couples Counseling, A Choice and Reality Therapy Approach" (chapter 9). Ms. Cissé has facilitated numerous workshops including: Basic introduction of Choice theory and Reality Therapy, Assessment and Treatment of Sexual Offenders, Ethics and many more. She is also a contracted family violence intervention provider in the State of Georgia – Georgia Commission on Family Violence.

Ms. Cissé provides choice theory and reality therapy services for individuals, families, and couples. She also treats sexually abused children and children that have experienced trauma by using a TF-CBT approach. Ms. Cissé's treatment approach is to promote mental and emotional health so that clients will be able to adjust and address life's current challenges.